RoboCop Vs Terminator VHS Movie Trailer

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A fan-edited movie trailer for “RoboCop vs. Terminator”, inspired by the Dark Horse Comics mini-series crossover by Frank Miller and Walter Simonson.

Special Thanks:
John Notstamos – VHS Effects
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“Years after the destruction of Cyberdyne, a Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) was sent back though time to Old Detroit for one mission: to terminate the new target standing in the way of Skynet's uprising…RoboCop! After RoboCop (Peter Weller) was heavily-damaged by the unidentified Terminator, OCP (Omni Consumer Products) develops replacements based on salvaged designs from the now-defunct Cyberdyne Systems.

As an attempt to disband the police force and replace the obsolete RoboCop, OPC constructed a line of new law enforcement machines to clean up the crime-ridden streets, along with a newly-designed computer defense system named Skynet. Until Skynet became self-aware and prepares human extinction with a nuclear attack dubbed “Judgement Day”. With RoboCop resembled, he returns to take down Skynet and prevent destruction of the world.”

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