Pikachu Vs Meowth Epic Rap Battles Of Pokémon 13

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Welcome to Epic Rap Battles of Pokémon, the series where we will put together two or more entities from the Pokémon franchise against each other in an epic rap duel!

▼ CAST ▼

Meowth: WoodenHornets

Pikachu: Justin Buckner

The Announcer: Salvatore Mancha


Edited by Justin Buckner

Subtitles by: Anthony Perry

Lyrics Written by Meatholl, Justin Buckner, Adam/Pool, HyperJacob96, B-Lo Lorbes & Frenzy

Beat Produced by Allrounda

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Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments, as we read every single comment! And thank you for watching!

~The ERBoPokemon Team

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