Batman VS Joker REMATCH Parody To Epic Rap Battles Of History Vader Vs Hitler GMV

Download Batman VS Joker REMATCH - Parody To Epic Rap Battles Of History Vader Vs Hitler [GMV].mp3

I don't have a life. So instead I edit corny music videos of Arkham Games.

Oh joy.

If you want to recommend a battle, please do so, I see what I can do about it.

Music: nicepeter / ERB: Epic Rap Battles of History: Vader vs Hitler 2
Footage: Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City.

Curious about the shitstorm behind the comments? Okay, here you go:

The comments were off because I think I was the first person to do this on YouTube. To make an AMV/GMV of Batman combined with Epic Rap Battles of History. And, for some reason, people thought I was rivaling ERB or pretending to be them. Yeah. That actually happened. Obviously I was not rivaling with them, for gods sake I don't even make music. And I was not pretending to be them, I mean, the video said "GMV", Game Music Video, and I ALWAYS give credit. I only edit things, that's what I do, and this is a tribute to both Batman and ERB. It was no different in my mind than an AMV, something people had been doing with ERB audio long before me.

Make an AMV, nobody panics. Make a GMV, everybody loses their minds.

Sigh... I get the video is what it is, but I was most annoyed with people accusing me of things that simply were not true. I guess the thumbnail could have tipped people off. It is a good thumbnail, and YT made it for me, so I let it be there. Plus to me it's an iconic Arkham City image, but, maybe some people who haven't played those games thought it was ERB image? I don't know.

It's just sad when things like these happen. I just want to entertain, just to bring a bit of joy to people who like Batman. That's all I want, if I have an idea I just want to share it and hopefully make people happy in the process. And then someone clicks my video and they mistake it for something else and we're all at each others' throats. It's just awful. :c

So, getting fed up with trying to explain over and over again I took the comments off. I even thought about taking the video down, but I'm glad I didn't, because... it did make people happy. And... that makes me happy.

I'm putting the comments back up now, it's been so long I guess such misunderstandings have come to pass, Arkham Games are more popular and I have less capacity to care. So. There you go. That's the story of this video and the comments.

Original rap battle:

Audio is from nicepeter's Epic Rap Battles Of History. I don't own it, this is totally fan made, so go sub for him. If you see ads, the money from those go to ERB, I get nothing. Video clips are from Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Asylum, I don't own them, they are DC's and stuff, once again, this is fan made... Don't tease me, YouTube, its not like I get anything for doing this.

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