Jeff The Killer Vs Jane The Killer JMB Rap Battle

Download link: Jeff The Killer Vs Jane The Killer - JMB Rap Battle.mp3

The two nightmare-inducing creepypasta characters Jeff the Killer and Jane the Killer attempt to settle their rivalry once and for all, but are they alone?

▼ CAST ▼
NDLMongoose as Announcer |
VinnyO as Jeff the Killer (voice) |
Die-Hearts as Jeff the Killer (actor) |
Leannaire as Jane the Killer (voice) |
Celestial Rose as Jane the KIller (actor) |
Nathan Provost as Ticci Toby (voice) |
Cypher :P as Ticci Toby (actor) |
MultiSuperVids as Slender Man (voice) |
Fel as Slender Man (actor) |
WoodenHornets as Suicide Mouse |
JMB as BEN Drowned |
Yobar, Mancha and EDX as Russian Sleep Experiment Scientists (voice) | - -
WoodenHornets, JMB and MultiSuperVids as Russian Sleep Experiment Scientist (actors)

Lyrics written by JMB, RLYoshi, Frenzy, Iamthelegion, MultiSuperVids, WalkThroughEpicness
Video edited by JMB
Suicide Mouse edited by Prismanex |

Jeff/Jane - Audio Network
Ticci - Dansonn
Slender Man - 2Deep
Suicide Mouse - Evelution
BEN Drowned / Russian Sleep Experiment - Smoke


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